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Random thoughts on libraries, gay teens, comics and Eclipse

Books for everyone

Read this blog post by a gay teen struggling to find books that he can relate to in his library and it makes me want to scour through our library’s collection to make sure we have books for all sorts of kids, including gay and lesbian ones.  I know a lot of books that illuminate the lives of unusual kids don’t get checked out much, books about minority groups in general don’t check out much at our library, but they need to be there.  Every community is different.  What doesn’t get checked out at our library may get checked out somewhere else.  I also realize that it’s easier to have a wide variety of books in my more liberal community, but I hope that teens like the one writing above don’t have to go to Borders to BUY their intellectual freedom.  That is supposed to be what libraries are all about, the freedom to think about ideas, particularly ones you haven’t come in contact with or disagree with.  School libraries are somewhat different, but I would hope the public library could find a few books that would speak to him and his concerns.  I know I’ll be looking for a good variety in our collection.

Comics publishers and libraries

This is a post about how comics publishers are slipping into a pattern of ignoring libraries again after some significant gains in recent years.  I think lots of publishers in general are ignoring libraries especially in their push to get digital content out there.  Libraries need to get access to this digital content or we are in some jeopardy I think.  And when I say access, I mean easy access.  The difficulties of the current system are a huge barrier to entry.  I was trying to explain to my niece how she could get free audiobooks through the library system on her iTouch and I watched as her eyes glazed over.  This needs to change.

The movie phenomenon that is Eclipse

Needless to say, I am not the target audience for these books or movies, but I went to this with my daughter thinking that it might have a bit more action in it.  It was your basic popcorn movie, not great but bearable.  My main gripes are that I never feel that the characters are actually in any danger.  There is lots of violence and posturing, but no one in the Cullen clan ever gets a scratch.  I don’t believe they are ever in any peril.  Secondly, virtually every actor playing a Cullen has had their hair dyed for their role.  I realize they are supposed to be undead, but this makes them all look so unnatural and weird that I find it super distracting.  I highly doubt I’ll be seeing the last movie(s) in this series after all the strange plotlines in the book.  It’s been interesting to see what was a teen book phenomenon take off into the pop culture tsunami we’re witnessing now.


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